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They are included in the term Igorot (Mountain People), but they call themselves Ikalahan..

The Bagos are immigrants from Western Bontoc to the boundary part of Ilocos and Benguet.

The indigenous groups I will be focusing on are called the Kalinga, Gaddang, and the Ifugao.

These tribes are fairly close to one another so their rituals and ceremonies tend to overlap in certain areas.

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The Kalinga, Gaddang, and the Ifugao's are very superstitious people and strongly believe in spirits.

The mediums distribute beads to the family members; beads are common in ritual paraphernalia and they serve as the communication bond between the supernatural world.

The female mediums then begin to chant and pray to begin the ceremony.

Then to ensure that the spirits will be happy with the rite and family, the mediums take the left over food and sprinkle it around the house.

The marriage ceremony is very important to a tribe.

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