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Just as cognitive and psychiatric disorders can occur as preexisting conditions, they are also the most common comorbidities following injury, particularly in the long term. Sleep-wake disturbances 6 months after traumatic brain injury: A prospective study. For example, TBI has been shown to be associated with the premature onset of neurodegenerative diseases, including dementia (Kiraly and Kiraly 2007). We have previously gone over some of the herbs you can vaporize to get your day started and ended the right way, but you might be wondering what other options you have for what you can vape (and what you should NEVER try vaporizing).In this article, we will go over a few more creative options to give you a variety of things you can vape and switch up your routine.Practitioners and researchers measure outcomes in various ways, ranging from mortality to ability to return to preinjury employment status. However, TBI survivors themselves and their families are likely more interested in quality-of-life outcomes, such as reintegration into the community, successful return to work or school, and functional capacity in everyday life. PREINJURY CONDITIONS Individuals who sustain TBI may have preexisting conditions, as well as diverse cognitive, medical, genetic, and environmental backgrounds that potentially moderate the effects of injury. Each of these elements (independently and collectively) along with the heterogeneity of TBI can affect an individual’s initial response to trauma and subsequent response to treatment.

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Meanwhile, the most commonly reported comorbidities among military populations include depression and anxiety disorders. While the other herbs on our list can assist with getting rid of headaches, we very much believe that this would do quite the opposite for you. While they can provide a cheap way to satisfy your hunger and come in many satisfying flavors, we would not recommend placing this into your vaporizer – not even the oriental flavor!We would recommend sticking to ingesting this the old-fashioned way: mastication. The industry of mod vapes and vaporizers are evolving and new products are discovered every day.Emotional disturbance and ongoing substance abuse can also affect a survivor’s capacity to cognitively engage in and potentially benefit from even a well-designed cognitive rehabilitation program. Other preexisting factors may contribute to poor outcomes following TBI, including a lack of social support systems and environmental factors.

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