Alyson michalka dating 2016

They changed their name to 78 Voilets in 2010, but they again returned to their name Aly and AJ in December, 2015 .They confirmed to release their new album in April 2016.In addition to appearing in both film and on television, Aly is also a musician, guitarist, singer, and songwriter which has improved her wealth.Aly Michalka is a daughter of Carrie, a musician, and Mark Michalka owner of a contracting company, and has a younger sister Amanda “AJ”.Since then she has appeared in many films and TV shows.Her last movie was Weepah Way for Now in 2015Disney Channel’s Phill of the future in 2004.

They formed their first album, Into the Rush on August 16, 2006.

Aly is married to Stephen Ringer, whom she met in the set of film, Sequoia.

Her husband is a film producer who has just completed his latest short film, The Films of Avi Krum.

It has been already more than 1 and half year of their marriage and they are a happy couple.

Aly Michalaka is an American actress and singer whose net worth is accumulated to be 2 million Dollars.

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