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If you want the same information returned in a JSON object, you need to include the .

This option should only be used for debugging purposes, since it takes longer to process the response.

In cases where the original raster needs to be replaced, the new raster can either be items uploaded using the is required input for the following raster types: Image Service, Map Service, WCS, and WMS.

Getting started Using the Services Directory What's new in the Arc GIS REST APIWorking with services you've published Resources and operations Output formats REST API versioning Configuring the REST APIUsing spatial references Resource hierarchy Server Info Generate Token Health Check Catalog Data Reviewer Map Service Adhoc Job Batch Validation Cancel Job Create Reviewer Session Dashboard Delete Job Disable Job Edit Job Enable Job Execute Job Filter Get Batch Run Details Get Job Details Get Job Execution Details Get Layer Definition Get Lifecycle Phase Strings Get Lifecycle Status Strings Get Results Get Reviewer Sessions Reviewer Results Schedule New Job Scheduled Jobs Update Lifecycle Status Utilities Write Feature as Result Write Result Filter objects Feature Service Add Attachment Add Features Append (Feature Service)Append (Feature Service/Layer)Apply Edits (Feature Service)Apply Edits (Feature Service/Layer)Attachment (Feature Service)Attachment Infos (Feature Service)Calculate (Feature Service/Layer)Cleanup Change Tracking Create Replica Delete Attachments Delete Features Feature Generate Renderer (Feature Service/Layer)HTML Popup (Feature Service)Image Layer Query (Feature Service)Query (Feature Service/Layer)Query Attachments (Feature Service/Layer)Query Domains (Feature Service)Query Related Records Replicas (Feature Service)Replica Info Synchronize Replica Unregister Replica (Feature Service)Update Attachment Update Features Validate SQL (Feature Service/Layer)Using the Geo Analytics tasks Append Data Aggregate Points Build Multi-Variable Grid Calculate Density Calculate Field Copy To Data Store Create Buffers Create Space Time Cube Detect Incidents Geocode Locations Find Hot Spots Find Similar Locations Join Features Overlay Layers Reconstruct Tracks Summarize Attributes Summarize Within Geometry Service Areas and Lengths Auto Complete Buffer Convex Hull Cut Densify Difference Distance Find Transformations From Geo Coordinate String Generalize Intersect Label Points Lengths Offset Project Relation Reshape Simplify To Geo Coordinate String Trim/Extend Union Image Service Add Rasters Colormap Compute Class Statistics Compute Histograms Compute Statistics and Histograms Compute Tie Points Delete Rasters Download Rasters Estimate Export Tile Size Export Image Export Tiles Get Samples Histograms Identify Image Service Input Image Service Job Image Service Result Image Tile Key Properties KML Image (Image Service)Legend (Image Service)Measure Multidimensional Info Project (Image Service)Query Boundary Query (Image Service)Raster Attribute Table Raster Catalog Item Raster File Raster Function Infos Raster Image Raster Info Raster Key Properties Raster Metadata Raster Thumbnail Raster ICS (image coordinate system)Tile Map Update Raster WMTS (Image Service)WMTS Capabilities (Image Service)WMTS Tile (Image Service)Linear Referencing Service All Layers Apply Edits Check Events Concurrencies Create Version Delete Version Event Layer Generate Routes Geometry to Measure Measure to Geometry Network Layer Query Attribute Set Reconcile Version Translate Map Service All Layers and Tables Attachment (Map Service\Dynamic Layer)Attachment (Map Service/Layer)Attachment Infos (Map Service\Dynamic Layer)Attachment Infos (Map Service\Layer)Dynamic Layer / Table Estimate Export Tile Size Export Map Export Tiles Feature (Map Service\Dynamic Layer)Feature (Map Service\Layer)Find Generate KMLGenerate Renderer (Map Service\Dynamic Layer)Generate Renderer (Map Service\Layer)HTML Popup (Map Service\Dynamic Layer)HTML Popup (Map Service\Layer)Identify (Map Service)Image KML Image Layer / Table Legend (Map Service)Map Tile Map Service Input Map Service Job Map Service Result Query Domains (Map Service)Query (Map Service\Dynamic Layer)Query (Map Service\Layer)Query Related Records (Map Service\Dynamic Layer)Query Related Records (Map Service\Layer)Service Extension Tile Map WMTS (Map Service)WMTS Capabilities (Map Service)WMTS Tile (Map Service)Network Diagrams Service Append Features Apply Layout Apply Template Layouts Clear Flags Create Diagram From Features Delete Diagram Diagram Diagram Dataset Diagram Information object Diagram Layout property set objects Diagram Map Diagram Templates Dynamic Layers (Network Diagrams)Export Extend Find Diagram Features Find Diagram Infos Find Diagram Names Find Initial Network Objects Find Network Features Get Aggregations Get Flags Identify Layer Definitions Manage Flag Network Diagrams Overwrite From Features Query Consistency State Query Diagram Elements By Extend Query Diagram Elements By Object IDSave Layout Store Template Update Alter Processing States Compute Color Correction Compute Control Points Compute Seamlines Compute Sensor Model Edit Control Points Generate DEMGenerate Orthomosaic Generate Report Get Processing States Match Control Points Query Camera Info Query Control Points Reset Image Collection Add Image Calculate Density Calculate Distance Calculate Travel Cost Classify Convert Feature to Raster Convert Raster to Feature Copy Raster Create Image Collection Create Viewshed Delete Image Delete Image Collection Determine Optimum Travel Cost Network Determine Travel Cost Path as Polyline Determine Travel Cost Paths to Destinations Fill Flow Accumulation Flow Direction Flow Distance Generate Raster Interpolate Points Nibble Segment Stream Link Summarize Raster Within Train Classifier Watershed Schematic Service Apply Delete Diagram Generate Diagram Load Diagram Lock Diagram Query Associated Objects Query Associated Schematic Features Save Diagram Schematic Algorithm Schematic Algorithms Schematic Diagram Schematic Diagram Map Schematic Diagram Template Schematic Diagram Templates Schematic Diagrams Schematic Export Schematic Identify Schematic Layer Schematic Layers Schematic Folders Schematic Search Diagrams Unlock Diagram Update Diagram Overview of Utility Network Services Utility Network Service Apply Overrides Disable Subnetwork Controller Enable Subnetwork Controller Export Subnetwork Query Network Moments Query Overrides Trace Synthesize Association Geometries Update Is Connected Update Subnetwork Validate Network Topology Appendix - Working with the Feature Server Hosted Feature Service Add to Definition (Feature Layer)Add to Definition (Feature Service)Delete From Definition (Feature Layer)Delete From Definition (Feature Service)Feature Layer Refresh (Feature Layer)Refresh (Feature Service)Status (Feature Service)Truncate (Feature Layer)Update Definition (Feature Layer)Update Definition (Feature Service)To successfully use the Arc GIS REST API, you must understand how to construct a URL and interpret the response.

A URL with parameters will have the following syntax: parameter. f=json The JSON response looks similar to the following:parameter.

The REST API documentation has topics on all resources and operations as well as some introductory and reference topics.

The hierarchy of resources and operations listed in the table of contents matches the hierarchy of the API.

The Update Raster operation updates rasters (attributes and footprints, or replaces existing raster files) in an image service (POST only).

In most cases, this operation is used to update attributes or footprints of existing rasters in an image service.

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