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Enter your road name and area into the search box, wait for the address to drop-down and then select it.Click on the search arrow and your local church should be shown within its parish boundary. If you want to search for a church in a different place, type in the place name instead and churches in that area will be listed in the search results.During the reign of Henry VIII, however,the tide turned in favour of Protestantism, and by the 1600s the new Church held sway over the old. As far as I was aware we do not have death duties/inheritance tax in Guernsey – I think indeed we advertise that fact to newcomers to the island – it makes it very attractive to live here until you realise this ‘take’ will happen unless you have all the money in property, in which case they cannot lay claim to it.Thomas the Apostle may be celebrated on 21 December instead of 3 July.Thomas Becket may be celebrated on 7 July instead of 29 December.

This antiquated tax is out of date and not fit for purpose and I am sure the necessary service could and should be carried out by the Greffe.

SARAH GRIFFITH MBE, Le Petit Menage, La Gibauderie, St Peter Port, GY1 1XP.

Requirement for Church employees to have a ‘religious affiliation’ could violate anti-discrimination laws Germany’s Catholic Church has said it would review its employment system after top European judges warned it could violate anti-discrimination laws by requiring employees to be religious.

What about all the other religions we have on the island, and indeed the people who are not religious?

I recently had one of the chaplains appear at my door just after I had emerged from an anaesthetic – not requested, just arrived.

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