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Until 2002, the Secret Service was under the Treasury Department (it's Homeland Security now) because one of the group's chief tasks is actually monitoring credit card fraud, counterfeiting, identity theft, and electronic crimes of federal interest.

If you just need an example of how well it's ingrained in the training process, just watch the 1981 Reagan shooting and watch Tim Mc Carthy, one his agents. When you look at Mc Carthy there is no thinking, he just does it. They would say: if there's a gunshot, I'll grab the president, turn left, go down the hallway.But if you're working in a field office, this stuff is going to take up way more of your day-to-day than following visiting heads of state around.Most major Secret Service operation changes happen after the ultimate agency nightmare: an assassination. As Emmett details, there are practically two "Christmas parties" every night during the month of December to accommodate the White House's lengthy guest lists. When a new president arrives at the White House, the Secret Service assigns a single letter that will serve as the basis for every First Family code name.The Secret Service's goal is to keep this man safe and secure no matter what. Should they have shot him when he climbed over the fence? It's very easy to say that kind of thing when the front sight of your pistol is not trained on a man's head. If you're drawing your firearm to protect the president we're in a lot of trouble. If you're resorting to bodyguard work and physical protection then something went wrong with your advance plan.

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