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I think she enjoys talking to me as much as I do with her because she opens my messages fairly quickly, and replies (doesn't leave me on read). I feel like communication over text can be misleading and it does not compare to talking in person or over the phone where you feel out the person with more understanding but we live in a modern society which texting is the norm.By reading this you can tell I’m not the best communicating over text.My Mom had me when she was 40 and my oldest brother passed away at 43, as you can see their is a 20 year gap in age between me and my brother.My mom is 66 years old and lives off her SSI and disability check.So is this due to the fact that we live in different (but not exceedingly far away) countries, or is it something specific of you guys to take things slow, not to go for something more than a hug after a first date and to keep it friendly or was he just being realistic?

I feel my heart aching because I'm comparing every other guy who wants to be with me to someone who does not want to be with me. I feel like any guy my age just gets scared off by the fact that I have 2 young kids.Anyways, I’m an independent man that is able to support my mother and she is not able to work because she is on disability.I feel like it is a turn off to women knowing the guy their talking to lives with their Mom.That I can't find another guy that gives me the feelings my ex gives me. Where can I find a guy that would be accepting of it?I feel sick to my stomach, I hate myself for feeling this pathetic and I want to cry myself to tears. I'm not in any relationship at the moment but for a while I've been thinking .I find someone in the far future and get to the point of loving that person.what does it take ? I'm asking because I want to know the difference between actually loving someone whereas you think you love them .

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