Dating sites people suffer depression

Mostly because when we know the person we are going to meet has gone through what we have, we'll know that they can understand if we're anxious or looking dull.

Ehhh dating someone who is depressed while you are also depressed isn't super great....

There also isn't much of a market, since Match and Ok Cupid already serve as dating sites for the depressed and hopeless if you've used them long enough.

It took me a long time to overcome it and I finally did.If one of them comes of out of it, and the other does not, it's a one way "burden" relationship and even the depressed one gets more depressed realising that.EDIT: what there definitely should be is an informal / casual peer-support group of people of both genders where you can have close friendships, but dating is discouraged due to above issues. My partner is not depressed, I am, and I am thankful every day that he is not.there's just no way they'll be able to do that. Two depressed people would be able to support each other fine. I don't think I'd feel shitty I couldn't support them, I think it'd actually be really nice to have someone to relate to and vice versa.And if they're having lows at the same time... I'm imagining a website where depressed people go during a " energy spike " and are super charming for a day or two then the conversation takes a break for a few weeks until the next spike comes." so, i'm sorry i disappeared but i went into hibernation. "The site could have a pause button, where no message is sent but the user's status is set to "Paused: This means no messages out but don't take it personally".

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    Making fun of each other, snaking each other if one of them gets a good one. (Laughs) And then this year, there were a couple more people that were into it.

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