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Binge drinking increases the chances of breast cancer, heart disease, sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancy, and many other health problems.

Drinking during pregnancy can lead to sudden infant death syndrome and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

We may not know one another offline, but the relationships here are real when you need a friend. Hi Susan, I’m in a new situation with a guy I’ve been seeing for about two months now.

Rejection […]Continue Reading » A reader wonders whether she should accept a guy’s proposal that she be exclusive while he sees other women. Early on when we first started dating, I was […]Continue Reading » We all curate our social media activity – and that means lots of spin.

So we’ve had a heart break in the HUS community, and I’m really grateful that a reader could bring that here and ask for support.

I’m also moved by all the virtual (((hugs))) offered to her.

Why should it matter to the women he dates if he binge drinks alone occasionally? I would be afraid that he would gradually start doing it more and more frequently.

There are effective actions communities can take to prevent binge drinking among women and girls.

*Binge drinking for women is defined as consuming 4 ormore alcohol drinks (beer, wine, or liquor) on an occasion.

Bingeing on booze all weekend, I don't care what type of soap and/or cologne he uses, reeks of booze sweating out from the pores. Sorry, But I can't help but visualize some Ramshackle Cabin at the edge of some swamp, with a crooked, hand painted sign that says "No girls Allowed"Few people ever ask, or it seems want to know what makes us drink!

Many, many people are intensely unhappy, but it's far easier and consoling for society to label them addicts!

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