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While my example is trivial as I’m using a super model that many would recognize on first glance, the steps are still helpful in less obvious situations. Search for the Image on Google Go to and click the Images link at the top.Paste the text you copied from the previous step into the search box. Switch to Search by Image At the time of this writing, by default step 2 above won’t get you the results we want.It is an entirely different matter when a website is designed from scratch as a fraud.These sites do exist, and the fake profiles number in the hundreds of thousands.A little research reveals that not only does she NOT live in Pittsburgh where I’m searching, but she’s married to Orlando Bloom! An Optional Final Step If it’s painfully obvious that the person is lying, you may want to consider reporting a concern about the profile (has this feature and I imagine most of the major dating services have something like it).This could save the next guy the hassle of emailing a fake profile.

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The users were unable to respond without setting up paid memberships, which cost between and per month, and JDI renewed those memberships in many cases without consent.JDI -- which operates 18 dating websites, including cupidswand.com, and -- must pay a 6,165 fine and reform its practices.The case is the first for the FTC against an online dating site.No dating website, honest or not, can guarantee that none of their registered users have bad intentions.Even the most diligent site contains some “fake” profiles, which are set up as an attempt to trick people into sending money and such.

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