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Just as a bee sting can cause swelling, ranging from swelling around a small area, to the swelling of an entire arm or leg, an injury to a bone, or inflammation within a bone, can cause bone marrow edema, or swelling.When an arm or leg swells up, it is because fluids have been sent to that part of the body as part of the body’s healing mechanism.Fortunately, however, it is in many cases treatable.It should also be noted that it is not always a serious condition.If a bone or a ligament is injured, the same thing can happen in the bone marrow.Not Curable, But Treatable Bone marrow edema is not considered to be a curable condition.It often takes an MRI examination to tell what is really going on in your bones, joints or cartilage.An MRI exam is often used to find out the best way to treat an arthritic condition, but the procedure is also used to find out what is wrong in the first place.

In that respect, bone marrow edema symptoms are in many ways similar to the symptoms of arthritis.Often, someone who has bone marrow edema will not notice any symptoms, and the condition itself is not particularly serious.Like any instance of swelling, bone marrow edema is often the result of some outside cause or condition.If the outside condition can be alleviated or removed, the edema can usually be successfully treated.For example, if the edema is the result of a damaged ligament, the swelling can usually be successfully dealt with once the damage to the ligament has been repaired.

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