Marvell back dating

Sure, there are some moments of pure weirdness, like when Spidey, in costume, visits Felicia and her mother.Cat casually introduces her boyfriend Spider-Man and her mother seems nonplussed by the whole thing.When the two give it a go in the Stern story, it only takes half an issue before Spider-Man realizes what a mistake he was making and that it was unrealistic of him to expect Felicia to change who she is.So when writer Bill Mantlo, and later Al Milgrom, revisited this romance in , the whole thing read like a slow motion car wreck.

She displayed a troubled look when she thought about her mission, which was later revealed to be a prophecy involving Extalia's demise due to her ability to see the future which she inherited from her mother.

When Lily was mentioned as being the strongest out of their group, she put up a smirk and tempted Happy into having a match against him.

Recently, she has smiled more (usually with Happy nearby), danced with him when he asked, and even laughed when Happy pointed out Lily's cute side.

There was definitely something “else” going on (which was pretty explicitly established by Kevin Smith in his “Evil that Men Do” miniseries).

Spider-Man, of course, is the everyman hero, so if he was capable of hooking up with a mysterious and sexy woman like Black Cat every day over the course of two years worth of comics, I have to imagine the majority of Spidey’s (male) readership was probably giving their favorite hero a virtual high five in celebration.

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