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When I met other psychotherapists at conferences, it seemed they all knew people, and they all had clients who were survivors of Mother-Son Incest.My thesis discussed and challenged the following five misconceptions which help sustain society’s denial of Mother-Son Incest: (1) “mother-son incest meansintercourse,” (2) “boys cannot be victims of sexual abuse,” (3) “what harm can be done without a penis?” (4) “motherly love cannot be sexual,” and (5) “one of them must be crazy.” Unfortunately, more than 10 years later, society’s denial about Mother-Son Incest is as strong as ever.I realized I was wrong to assume Mother-Son Incest did not happen, and I had to figure out what caused me and society at large to take on this denial and to believe this form of incest is so rare.I ended up writing my thesis as an advocacy paper seeking to explore this denial and to heighten awareness of Mother-Son Incest among sexuality educators and the helping professions.

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