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Our post-graduate Master of Business Research (MBR) program is a pre-requisite for our doctoral candidates and has a strong emphasis on many aspects of high-quality research.

Ph D students attending MBR courses are taught a methodological foundation for high-quality management research.

In this context, I would like to mention our new Master’s program “Media, Management and Digital Technologies” (MMT) which aims to prepare students for managerial roles in a digital environment.

The program is taught jointly by both our Faculty and the faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics.

Thanks to the support of the federal Bavarian government’s initiative “Digital Campus Bavaria” the MMT program was launched and offered for the first time to students in the winter term 2016/2017.

I hope to have sparked your interest in our Faculty.

We are not only part of a modern and internationally renowned university, but also part of a long tradition.

As diverse as LMU is with its 18 faculties, our pride in being part of a history dating back almost 550 years unites us all.

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Indeed, our Faculty ranks near the top of many university rankings for good reasons.Through our cooperation with industry partners we translate our research insights into a business context and contribute to the development of the field of management research.In addition, we maintain a regular dialogue with renowned international visiting scholars.In addition, the program aims to equip our researchers with transferrable skills for a career in academia.We constantly aim to refine our educational profile and offer innovative training concepts.

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