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” And suggests an answer: “Perhaps for lovers.”By the final page of the story, though, having gotten himself good and lost, that story’s lovesick protagonist reflects on the glittering, confusing world that now lies before him.

There are plenty of valid things to critique about Greek life, but what sorority women wear during recruitment—that’s a fairly innocuous topic.

Some time later, Zeus and Hera asked Tiresias to settle a dispute over the question of who had more pleasure during sex.

When Tiresias replied that sex was nine times better for women than men, Hera was so enraged that she blinded him.

I should know; after all, I, too, sent out an almost-identical email about beauty regimens to my sorority at USC, where I was vice president of recruitment.

And in my daily life, I admit that I rarely appear "put together"—everyone primps a little for recruitment, just like you would for a job interview or a first date.

But as a great video from Asap Science makes clear, orgasm is indeed about loss of control, in the very best way, for both men There are big differences in male and female orgasm, though: female orgasm is longer — over 20 seconds, on average, compared to three to 10 seconds for men.

And men have more orgasms — reaching climax in 95 percent of their encounters, compared to 69 percent for women.

While sorority life may evoke images of the The guidelines outlined by Alpha Chi Omega aren’t particularly scandalous—these emails, which are typical of virtually every sorority during recruitment, are little more than banal outlines of what outfits and nail polish prospects should wear during recruitment.The recruitment process I’m referencing involves a meticulously planned week-long event that takes months to prepare.That includes the election every December of one young woman to serve as a sorority’s vice president of recruitment.This person works with advisors from the sorority’s national organization; the campus Panhellenic, a governing body that includes representatives from every house at the school; and the sorority itself to craft an impressive presence during recruitment.Every day of recruitment has attached to it a theme for decorations, outfits, and nametags.

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