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I have met this interesting wonderful man about 3 weeks ago.

We have gone out a few times and talked on the phone on a regular basis.

The trade off is that there is usually lots of money coming in and lots of financial security. You better get some courage not for sissys. But Paulie's not gonna compliment Tony on his wisdom and great advice anymore.

If he feels you will fit well into his lifestyle as a physician, you'll be fine. However, I don't want to fall into a pattern of "just a convenience date", or having to plan everything myself.Yet he has definitely made time to see me and do things with me. How can I find out if his intentions are just "casual dating" or really perhaps a "relationship".How do I find out if that's also what he's interested in?I don't want to have sex with him until I find out, because I don't want to be hurt. I feel like I really screwed up my past relation ships by 1)being too available 2)not communicating well with previous boyfriends about my intentions. But if they are not interested in a relationship , how can I find that out from the get go?

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