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Juno writer Diablo Cody is working on a feature film about the blue-eyed queen bees.And against the cultural currents, Pascal, now 73, is back with Sweet Valley Confidential, the first new book in seven years.And while Pascal is the first to admit that Jessica and Elizabeth were shallow—“Dan and I used to fall on the floor laughing about how silly they were," she says, referring to her friend and publisher at St.Martin's, Dan Weiss—they were powerful protagonists, too.

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Although her name was featured on each cover as "creator," she hired a team of ghostwriters to turn her outlines into chapters, while she could work on more "serious" subject matter.

"There were times I didn't want to be defined by this," says the mother of three, who has written a number of adult novels, but never with the same commercial success.

Sweet Valley Confidential picks up a decade after Sweet Valley High left off.

The once-inseparable sisters—mild-mannered Elizabeth, juxtaposed against the flirty, manipulative Jessica—are no longer students at Sweet Valley High, but grown up, and with adult problems like divorce, abusive husbands, and stolen lovers.

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