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That's something else you don't come across very often. ------- I haven't decided if Today's Pic is showing the kid's older sister dressed up like a maid, or if it is, in fact, the maid. ------- I thought Barbara Crampton did a fine job in the scene, As I watched I couldn't help thinking: You just don't see that many movies showing women strapped to operating tables anymore.In any case, the plump babysitter is sweating next to the fireplace on what looks like the kind of cart hotels use when you order dinner from room service. There must be one or two hundred scenes like this in older movies (not as many with the nudity, of course).

Sadie commands Collette to strip all the way, but Collette only gets down to her panties, garter belt and nylons.You just don't see enough of that in movies anymore.Also, that Amazon site you linked us to shows some sources of used copies for as low as 77 cents. (2007) I bought this DVD because it featured Lucy Lui naked.She is the very epitome of ungrateful and tracks them down and kills them.

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