When online dating turns dangerous

On a yearly average, it’s a 0 million industry with over 1,400 sites scrambling to offer you the convenience of meeting your potential soulmate in just a few clicks.

Whether you do it online or the old-fashioned way, dating will always be a .

Online dating is the most convenient way to look for love when you’re busy juggling other stuff in your life.

One quick look at a guy’s dating profile, and you’ll immediately figure out more or less if you’re a .

A quick way is to do a reverse image search on images.using his profile photo.

Instead of typing his name in Google Images, click on the little camera icon in the search box and upload his picture.

He’s up to something shady if he’s holding out on otherwise harmless information.

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he needs to borrow a couple of bucks), he’s probably trying to scam you.

Getting online makes it easier to stay in the loop with everyone even if we’re on the go.

We’ve got Facebook, Twitter, and all the social media tools at our disposal. A hectic schedule really shouldn’t get in the way of staying connected – or making connections for that matter.

If you don’t know any of his friends, colleagues or relatives, then he’s probably covering his tracks. And if he makes you uncomfortable even though you can’t put your finger on it, it’s time to play it safe…

The first thing you should do is make sure he’s the guy who he says he is.

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